Blackhat: Using AI In Cyber Defenses (March 7th)
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For organizations playing a crucial role in infrastructure and the economy, application resilience is a necessity

When the links of financial institutions or energy providers are pivotal to the economy and critical infrastructure, the hardiness of their application portfolios becomes an absolute essential.

The modern playing field of digital threats and regulatory pressures makes uninterrupted business operations crucial. Application resilience is key to ensuring business continuity, particularly for financial institutions and critical utilities, and adopting an advanced, streamlined approach can support organizational and operational resilience.

The Imperative of Application Resilience

For financial institutions and the energy sector, application resilience isn't just a part of their disaster recovery (DR) strategy; it is integral to their operational fabric and a necessity for cyber-resilience. Given their critical role in the economy and provision of essential services, these institutions must ensure that their applications can withstand and recover from disruptions with the minimum fuss and downtime.

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